Tecnoseek does not catalog you


Tecnoseek does not track you

Tecnoseek doesn't want to be the anti Google, and it wouldn't even have made sense to waste so much energy on research to compete with this giant. also because Tecnoseek is something different and was already active years before Google.
Search engines were born to help people navigate the billions of information on the Net, but this is not enough. If Tecnoseek also offered results slightly higher in quality than Google, this would not be enough to convince millions of people to change their search habits.
Tecnoseek continues to offer a free search service for those affectionate who continue to use it, those who do not want to be tracked and cataloged, because when you search with Google your search term is usually saved together with information on your browser and on your computer, that can often uniquely identify you.
All this is frightening, but on the other hand, who cares about some random site?
Those sites usually have third party advertisements and those third parties build profiles on your person, that's why those advertisements follow you everywhere.
This is also scary, but who can interest herpes advertisements?

Your profile can also be sold.

That's why we don't send your searches to other sites

Or why we don't store any personal information.

So don't get tracked when you're looking.

Use Tecnoseek instead.

Tecnoseek is also ready for mobile devices, allowing you to do the same things that you can do on traditional computers.